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I love to take photographs. I also love doing design work, and believe they complete one another. This website is more about photos but you can find some of my art direction work here as well.


It all started in early 90´s with Nikon F-801, when working part-time in photo shop I got to develop my films for free. With a degree in visual arts years went by as an art director in ad agencies. Afterwards, I owned a half of a small design agency for over 10 years, sold it and now I am a freelancer.

My clients include ad agencies, startups and large companies like YIT (almost all of their commercial photography for the last five years done by me), Fiskars (photography for gardening, axes & much more), Tikkurila (annual report photography concept and art direction for many years) and many many more. Most of my work is business to business but I work for all types of clients. They say I am a very flexible and hard-working guy.

My style of photography seems to be more documentary-looking but I have done some  serious studio works as well. I usually base my art design in good photography and keep the rest as minimal as possible. 

As a person I am a hardworking middle-aged who guy would like to travel as much as possible but due the knowledge of the climate change and other issues I have started to invest more in travel quality more than quantity. I also try to stay fit and do sports. Biking, muay thai & gym makes me happy.

I have loved this job for over 20 years and still do. I am sure you’ll love the results as well!

Risto Vauras

+358 50 505 1010


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